Lee Ann's Pet Sitting

I am currently servicing only the following zip codes: 78735, 78739 & 78749


A Professional and Caring Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service Dedicated to the Safety, Well Being and Happiness of your Pets! 

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! Lee Ann’s Pet Sitting is owned and operated by Lee Ann Liber.
At Lee Ann’s Pet Sitting I provide Quality and Personalized care for your pets in your home.
Whether you are looking for someone to care for your pets while you are on vacation or working long hours, need someone to take your dog for a walk in your neighborhood, or play with your cats, I can help! I offer a personalized service tailored to your pet's individual personality, needs and preferences to ensure they receive the highest quality care.

I am insured and bonded with Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and a member of the Austin Pet Sitters Organization.
Why use a Pet sitter or Dog Walker?

I understand how hard it is to leave your pets alone, so giving people peace of mind while they are gone is very important to me!

Pets are happier when they stay in their own routine and in their own environment.
Boarding takes them out of their comfort zone and will cause stress on your pets. It is affordable and easier on everyone. It will provide you with the comfort of knowing your pets are getting the proper exercise, care and love they need while you are away or at work.
There is less risk of exposure to illness and stress while your pet stays at home. No travel anxiety going to the kennel or vets office.                                  
Best of all, your pets will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home with their favorite toys and treats!                                                                                               

Some advantages for the owner:

Knowing your pet is in a familiar environment and enjoying himself. You don’t have to worry about asking a friend, relative or a neighbor to care for your pets and home in your absence.

Safety - I will be there to check on your home as a crime deterrent. You can be alerted to any issues on the home front immediately.

T.L.C. - Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.
 I am committed to providing the best care and service for all your pets!           


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